IRSO 2004 - Education and Training for the Future

14th to 17th July 2004

Trinity College, Dublin

The Conference:

This year’s IRSO Conference in Trinity College, Dublin, should be of interest to all professionals involved in education and training. The central theme will centre on the on-going debate about the effectiveness of education and training and the profession’s commitment to continuing professional development. The conference will build on previous learning experiences not only within the United Kingdom, but also through Europe.

At the heart of Dublin City lies Trinity College with its magnificent buildings situated on a beautiful campus spanning some 35 acres. For the past 400 years Trinity College has occupied the same location. Although none of the original buildings remain, the College has many fine buildings dating from the 17th - 20th centuries.

Each year, conferences get more challenging and we hope that IRSO 2004 will be no exception. With road crashes throughout the EU killing over 39,000 citizens, causing over 3.3 million casualties each year, and costing over 180 billion Euro, these figures certainly must give us cause for concern and the pressure to prove effectiveness increases.

According to the European Road Transport Safety Council road crashes in the EU lead to some 97% of all transport deaths and costs, and are the leading cause of death and hospital admission for citizens under 50 years. In Britain and Ireland, over 4,000 persons are killed in road crashes while just over 315,000 people are injured. Although we have one of the lowest casualty rates in comparison to many other countries, we all know that these figures are still unacceptable to us as professionals.

Over the years, previous conferences have addressed the problem by looking at strategies to reduce these figures and have challenged us to come up with solutions for changing road user behaviour. This year’s conference will continue to provide a forum for professional debate, but will seek to look at new paradigms in learning and training. IRSO 2004 will look at some European perspectives with experts in the field of learning. An emphasis will be placed on technology and the learner, and how we can face up to the challenges of education and training in the new working environment of the future and how this will impact on road safety.

This will be a working conference. Participants/delegates will be asked through a series of innovative collaborate workshops to come up with solutions using new technology to deliver education and training programmes for a number road user types. During this process delegates will have the opportunity to develop their own technology skills and/or acquire new skills in this area. To assist delegates, expert speakers from home and abroad involved in the area of teaching, training and technology will look at how we can make use of interactive systems to assist behavioural change in road users.

The conference will also focus on how technology can assist learning and teaching strategies, and how new methodologies can be created to enhance dynamic learning environments in the 21st century. IRSO 2004 is open to all professionals involved in the area of road casualty reduction with particular interest to those involved in the education, training and learning sector.

As with all IRSO conferences, IRSO 2004 will provide opportunities for delegates to meet and exchange information on various projects and programmes. Do not be disappointed, bookings are coming in already, so book your place now for IRSO Dublin 2004.


The estimated delegate fee will be confirmed in early 2004, but is expected to be around € 450-500 (£ 300-350 Sterling). Flights to Dublin from Great Britain are available for as little at £40.